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Spiffy Dog Air Collar- Red Hawaiin
Spiffy Dog Air Collar- Red Hawaiin

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Spiffy Dog Air Collar- Red Hawaiin
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Quite simply the best dog collar on the market today, try one out, you and your dog will not be disappointed.



"I feel that these are some of the best collars I have seen, not only are they so soft and breathable, but unlike many synthetic collars on the market, Spiffy Dog collars have a really strong, robust clip so that there is no risk of it coming off and losing your dog. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my clients"

Marie Miller, dog behaviourist, author and T-Touch practitioner

 A bit of Spiffy Dog history:

Spiffy Dog was born in 2001 in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA.

The town is best known as one of America’s favourite ski resorts, giving it the nickname Ski Town USA. It is widely accepted that more dogs live in Steamboat than people, so at Spiffy Dog it is called Dog Town USA! Steamboat is situated amongst wonderful forests, rivers and mountain trails making it a limitless playground for people and dogs and the perfect place for developing dog products. Spiffy Dog strives to design functional canine accessories using the latest and greatest materials and technology.

Now for the first time the Spiffy Dog Air Collar ™ is available in the UK. The Air Collar ™ is the most comfortable dog collar in the world and is made from a soft, lightweight and quick drying fabric called Aerospacer and is the only dog collar on the market made from this exceptional material.

Remember Spiffy Dog is the most comfortable and fashionable collar your dog can wear.

The Air Collar™ has been named one of Dogfancy magazine’s 15 best dog products of 2008

“...Made of that same squishy, porous material as your running shoes, the Air Collar is lightweight and breathable. The spongy cloth is comfortable and designed to be quick-drying, so your water-loving dog’s skin won’t chafe, get irritated, or get stinky after a swim. A wide variety of colors and prints gives this comfy collar a stylish side, too....” Dogfancy magazine 2008

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